cover : © Mathieu Thauvin

L’Amour. (French version). Editions Privé/Michel Lafon. May 2023.

Author’s intent: On May 25, my first book L’Amour will be available. It will be the turning point in a creative process that began 3 years ago – when I realised that I had finally found love, and it was the end of a hopeless quest that had started in my teenage years – when I felt, somehow, relieved, and wanted to express this.

This book is about Alexandra – an ordinary girl born at the beginning of the 1990s – and her pursuit of true love. It’s about how experiences, social rules and people around us can turn someone into a fearful person, and how fear can annihilate one’s ability to love.

It’s a shameless book about unspoken things – those I never dared to say, those you might not dare to say either…Even today, I’m not sure I would dare to say certain things written in this book.

I hope that some of you will be moved by parts of Alexandra’s journey but also, that others will loathe her and my book. If my writing doesn’t divide opinions, it will mean that I fucked up at some point… We can not all agree on this great subject that LOVE is.


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